Tech-n-Go! What Is It For?

Do you know that the government not only provides digital accounting services for SMEs, but for non-profit organisations as well? 

While most businesses in Singapore can apply for grants like the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG), SSAs like yours are frequently excluded from such funding opportunities.

Thankfully, Singapore's National Council of Social Service (NCSS) has created the Tech-and-GO! Program.

What is Tech n Go! (TNG) ?

Tech-and-GO! (TNG), is funded by The Invictus Fund (TIF), to support Social Service Agencies (SSAs) in broad-based adoption of pre-scoped IT solutions or equipment (“pre-scoped solutions”) and preapproved consultancy. The desired outcome is that SSAs adopt digital solutions to improve service users or staff satisfaction and productivity.

Why should SSA consider TNG?

The reason why SSA should consider TNG is because we want SSAs to digitise data and automate operations more efficiently. To achieve this, we can tap on the available grants to further minimise the already low cost of getting onboard with an accounting system.

What does Tech n Go! fund?

Tech-and-GO! funds the following tech adoption and consultancy:

Start Digital (pre-scoped IT solutions)

Up to a maximum fundable amount (MFA) of $30,000 per project, will cover up to 80% of the expenditures associated with obtaining an IT solution for your SSA.

Go Digital (Large-scale/Specialised IT Solutions)

Under the Go Digital tier, you would not have to choose a pre-scoped IT solution. This funding tier will cover up to 80% of any costs you incur, up to a maximum of $300,000 per project.

Project Consultancy

Up to 80% capped at $40,000, and funding is given directly to pre-appointed consultants.

What are the pre-scoped IT solutions under Start Digital funding?

Corporate Functions and Other Solutions

These digital solutions are generic and will apply to both the social service sector and other industries, such as in the areas of inventory tracking, workforce management, and financial management. These have been assessed by the Info-comm Media Development Authority (IMDA) to be effective, market-tested, and cost-reasonable, including COVID-19 solutions that have been pre-approved by IMDA for a limited time to address business continuity challenges arising from COVID-19.

Stakeholder Management Solutions

These solutions will meet the needs specific to the social service sector, and the specifications have been pre-scoped for SSAs to source suitable vendors. Currently, there are no vendors are pre-appointed.

What are the desired outcomes of the funding?

With the adoption of Start Digital, agencies should achieve at least a 10% productivity gain and 70% staff/client satisfaction.

Who is eligible?

The Tech-n-Go! grant will be eligible for NCSS Member or MSF-funded service providers regardless of their IPC status. Not only that, the applicants must have not started their project yet. For example, they must have not made any payment or have not signed/confirmed any contract to a supplier, vendor or third party in relation to the purchase/lease/subscription of the solution or equipment applied.

What types of costs are supported?

The supportable cost will be delivery, freight, shipping & other transport charges as well as maintenance and subscription costs for 3 years which is 80% for the first year and 50% for the second and third year.

Besides that, this grant will also support the purchase/lease/hire purchase cost of pre-scoped solutions containing 12 months maximum funding duration for hire purchase/leasing. In addition to that, the user training, service charges and design fees along with the administrative fees/charges which is the set-up cost including charges for assembly and dismantling will be supported.

In conclusion, TNG grant is very useful and cost-effective. It does not just provide you with the money that your organization needs to run, but it is also a powerful tool for digitalization and making things easier for you and your organization.